Design is not just what it looks like.

Brand Strategy

In a market cluttered with similar goods and services, it is increasingly the EXPERIENCE,
rather than the product, that sets a brand apart. Starting early to design the ideal brand
experience reveals the most cost-effective opportunities to drive real and tangible differentiation.
This is essential to planning and ultimately delivering the unique experience of your brand.
Basically, we are a great resource for marketing managers looking for results. We can assist
with a brand launch program, or a brand refresh.

Brand Identity

Some brands have style - and some do not. Having a distinct personality helps brands
stand out from the crowd and create an emotional connection with their audiences.
But to do it well, you need people that understand design and how to use it.

Digital Branding

Digital technology continues to change the way brands connect with their audiences.
We work closely with our client teams throughout the development process to ensure that
all aspects of technology implementation are carefully considered - from the very beginning.
That way at the end, everyone is happy!.

Brand Environments

We do not fabricate displays, but we work closely with manufacturers that know how to
take our design direction and execute cost effective, yet extremely impactful solutions on
the retail floor. Additionally, we work collaboratively combining the expertise of our Brand
Environment team with that of our Digital Branding teams to deliver branded experiences
at retail that incorporate the latest technology - and can extend the impact of a campaign
to the digital realm.

Brand Launch

We will customize to the needs of your company or product, enabling you to benefit from
a highly strategic and sophisticated branding approach. Depending on the situation, we can
include a variety of components - such as a Brand Platform, Messaging Matrix, Logo, Website,
and basic Print Marketing Materials. What is included depends on needs, financial situation,
and timing.